Vendors: Lost-in-transit Shipments


Lost-in-Transit Shipments are defined as packages that are: 

  • Undelivered shipments
  • Delivered shipments that cannot be located
  • Shipments that were stolen

As all StackCommerce vendors are responsible for shipping, they also own the carrier relationship. See our TERMS for more detail. 

As such, if an order is lost-in-transit the vendor is responsible for shipping out a replacement and any costs associated. With this in mind, vendors are responsible for resolving any lost-in-transit or damaged packaging claims.

For reference, below are some links with information on filing claims with some of our accepted carriers. The claim process should be similar with most carriers, but does requires the vendor to complete as StackCommerce does not manage those relationships. 

Filing Claims with FEDEX

Filing Claims with DHL 

Filing Claims with USPS

Filing Claims with UPS

Filing Claims with Royal Mail 

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