Vendors: Tracking Upload Troubleshooting


Common Upload Issues 

1. I clicked "Import Tracking Numbers" and nothing is happening...

    • If you aren't using Google Chrome we recommend downloading this browser as Vendor Portal works best using this browser.
    • If you are still getting no response when you click the "Import Tracking Numbers" button try restarting your browser and re-attempt to upload tracking.
    • Still having issues? Alert as this may be a bug or a bigger issue that we can better investigate for you.

2. "Import Error: Line: # - Tracking number # invalid for X"

    • If you get this error it means your tracking number is either not a valid tracking number, double check that an extra space or digit wasn't added by mistake.
    • If your tracking has spaces in it see HERE an easy excel HOW TO for removing spaces
    • Also you may have input the wrong Carrier or formatted their name incorrectly so the upload will not recognize it. Please double check the StackCommerce Accepted Carrier list to be sure you've properly titled the carrier. *Note, some carriers have multiple shipping types ie. UPS vs. UPS Mail Innovations

3. "Line: # - Tracking number or Carrier can't be blank"

    • If you input the tracking number but no carrier, or vice versa, the tracking information will not upload. You must complete both the Tracking Number (Column U) and the Carrier (Column T).

4. "Line: # - Expecting Shipping Phone Number at column 22"

    • If you delete any columns or rearrange the column ordering Vendor Portal will not process the CSV upload. The file formatting must match the same Column Order and Column Headers. NOTE, this error should no longer be active, but please let us know if you receive this error!

5. "Line: # - Tracking number 9.4055E+21 invalid for USPS"

    • This error is the result of tracking being abbreviated in excel. To avoid this issue before you paste tracking into your template
    • We recommend using google sheets instead of Excel as it will allow you to paste tracking as "text" without formatting first.
    • Always remember to always save your final file as a CSV! 

Still having trouble?

*If you didn't find a solution to the issue you are experiencing above you can escalate the issue to with the issue and provide the following: 

  1. The CSV file(s) you are having issues uploading
  2. A brief explanation of the issue you are encountering
  3. A screenshot of the error you are receiving when you try to import


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