Vendors: Rev Share Program


Please see below answers to some of our most frequently asked questions around our Rev Share Program and what that means for StackCommerce Vendors.

Q: Why do I have three different rev shares?

Different sales channels have different cost structures. As such, instructors receive different payouts based on how each sale was generated. Today, your sales come through three primary channels:

  • Our owned & operated sites (ex. StackSocial, Skillwise)
  • Our publisher network partner sites
  • Our paid marketing efforts

Q: What are the different revenue share percentages?

Please look to your sale vendor agreement(s) to locate these rev share percentages. 


Q: Why do sales from publisher sites and paid efforts payout less of a share than sales through Owned & Operated sites?

Our publishers require a incremental cut of the revenue when they are responsible for driving the sale, therefore both StackCommerce and the vendor accommodate by adjusting their share to incentivize publishers to promote your course. In the case of sales driven by paid marketing efforts, both StackCommerce and the publishers are investing actual marketing dollars to drive incremental sales through advertising. These sales are not possible without each party contributing some margin to help cover the advertising costs.


Q: Can I opt out of participating in paid marketing efforts?

Our paid marketing program is a key component of the partnership and is a meaningful contributor to earnings. Again, our paid efforts specifically target users that otherwise would not have seen your course so these earnings are above and beyond any sales driven through organic channels. While the margin per sale is lower on sales driven through paid marketing, our ability to drive sales volume through this channel is great. If you have concerns around this, or would like to opt out, please reach out to your sales manager. 


Q: Can I see a breakdown of these sales so I know which transaction came from which revenue source?

Yes. The breakdown of sales by source (O&O, Publisher Parner, & Paid Marketing/Ads) is available in your downloadable earnings tab.

Should you have any further inquiries please reach out to your Sales Representative. 

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