The Product Pipeline


Vendor Inventory + Lead Time Live Sale Management

  • Vendor ability to edit live sale inventory: increase, decrease, or sell-out a sale as needed
  • Lead time visibility and adjustment tool so you can avoid late orders, and ensure customers purchase with the most accurate delivery time-frame
  • Will help to limit overselling of units and allows for adjustments when things don’t always go as planned


Carrier Integration

  • We want to provide our vendors with the option to drop-ship using labels we provide. There will still be an option to use your current process
  • At this time we are investigating the best options, but hoping to roll this option out to all vendors shipping from the United States
  • This would mean no more tracking uploads and hopefully less late orders!
  • Additionally, working on a Vendor API to improve the tracking upload process and make it sync with your processes


Vendor Chargeback Reporting Automaton Roll-Out

  • We have released chargeback automation tools in the portal which now allow us to waive orders from late fees and refunds
  • The reporting tool roll-out will ensure you have visibility into your waived chargeback orders
  • Likewise chargeback details for late and refund chargebacks will be available on an order level via your earnings csv download in the portal
  • This will help with accounting, and ensure you have all the insights you need to reconcile your earnings monthly

Last Updated 7/1/18

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