Can I buy email marketing or article publishing services?


YES! We partner with leading brands to get your products shared with potential customers.  You have the option to purchase marketing and article publishing services to further promote your deals with masses of engaged and excited users. 

1 stop shop: Through a singular point of contact, Stack can put Spectacles in front of more than 750 engaged publisher audiences, reaching up to 500M+ people monthly.

Premium Engagement: Stack's placements include strictly premium inventory (emails and custom content), resulting in superior conversion rates.

Dedicated Email Send: You will get 100% share-of-voice with dedicated email sends, distributed natively to leading publishers' editorial subscriber lists. 

Sponsored Content: Sponsored articles live natively within each publisher's CMS as normal content - never ad-served. 

Sound good? If this is of interest to you, and you can spend $25,000 please reach out to for further details! 

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