How does the redemption flow work for digital vendors?


The flow works like this:

  • You add your 100% off coupon codes to the StackCommerce system
  • Ultimately the redemption flow for users is up to you. Click HERE for acceptable digital redemption types. 
  • StackCommerce sells the codes and the payment happens via our platform.
  • Upon conversion, we give the customer the unique code and the associated redemption instructions
  • The customer then redeems the product on your site for $0
  • StackCommerce pays you a rolling monthly basis
  • StackSocial markets, promotes, and sells your product at an exclusive price via our distribution network and publisher partners, giving you an email to 4MM+ and pieces of editorial.
  • StackSocial processes the transaction and is paid a percentage of the sale. We collect the customer's payment and pay you on Net 30 terms. Promotions are structured as pay-for-performance.
  • You can track sales in real time on the vendor dashboard.


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